Winter animals hunting


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The winter hunt season starts on November 1st and closes on March 1st. Please remember — successful hunting takes at least 20-30 days.

There are six small cabins (w/stove heater) built on the perimeter of the ranch to get rest while hunting. The distance between the cabins is 10-15 km to cover daily ski trip. Usually hunters go on snowmobiles where possible and on skis in rugged country areas.

Meeting at the airport of Elizovo city

One of our local rep’ persons will meet our guests upon landing at the airport in Elizovo (PKC IATA code), and upon finishing all procedures they leave by helicopter to the camp. Flight takes 1 hour approx.

If the weather conditions not allow flying, then our customers are accommodated in the hotel until weather changes. In that case they could spend some time sightseeing, purchasing souvenirs (which are btw a few times cheaper when back in US) and for sure enjoying our great Kamchatka cuisine. Also they can visit our famous thermal springs to get travel dirt of their shoulders.

At the camp, the hunters get safety instructions, specifications on hunting and get acquainted with local huntsmen. All combined with preparations of the equipment, test shooting, etc.




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  1. Good hunting skis (plastic laminate recommended)
  2. Outwear should be light and windproof.
  3. Footwear – real warm and waterproof boots.
  4. High rubber boots for crossing rivers and creeks (or stockings of bigger size to wear them over boots)
  5. Different cals shotguns are preferable.


  1. Transfer from the airport Elizovo PKC to the camp.
  2. Official paperwork (visa invitation, etc).
  3. Hunting licenses.
  4. Accommodation in our guest house, FB (full board) meal plus drinks
  5. A guide and an interpreter
  6. Firearms rental (rifles, shotguns).
  7. Vehicles and equipment necessary for hunting.
  8. An entertaining complex with TV, etc (see above)
  9. Electricity in the evening hours
  10. A standard veterinary certificate for trophy transportation.
  11. Professional primary field processing and packing of the trophies.
  12. Fishing after hunting; all necessary fishing tackles.
  13. Tents, sleeping bags, mats, rubber boots.
  14. Hunting duck, partridge, hare after getting a main trophy.


  1. Customs clearance of personal guns upon arrival/departure from Russia.
  2. Round trip air-tickets to Kamchatka.
  3. Accommodation in city hotels before and after the hunt.
  4. Helicopter services for transportation to and from the camp
  5. Mi-8 (4 hours), Mi-2 (6 hours).
  6. Additional booking of Mi-2 helicopter (for flying around excursion).
  7. CITES export permit (by hunter’s request)
  8. Any self-relied trips, city tours.
  9. Shipping of trophies by cargo flight to Moscow.


охота на пушного зверя



Hunting by traps, nooses, firearms. Hunting dogs may also be used. The tourists can hunt sable, wood grouses hunting, and elk hunting.

In December, when Golyginskoye Lake is frozen over, Molokan (a freshwater form of Coho) strikes well.

The hunting zone is located in a mountain territory with a lot of alder thickets on their slopes. Mountain hares like these places and breeds there quite well. As soon as the rivers are frozen in December-January they massively migrates on the ranch territory. A hunter can hunt up to 20-30 pieces in one day. Hare hunting is very sporting and challenging. NB. The number of trophies is unlimited.

Hunting other animals requires traps. There are many hunting paths with traps set on the hunting zone. In the beginning of the hunting trip a hunter sets his traps, hangs bait and then just checks them within short time intervals while overlooking hunter cabins.