Fishing is an excellent remedy, helping to restore mental strength, gain positive emotions.

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As we know fishing is an excellent remedy, helping us restoring mental strength and gain positive emotions.

Fishing tours to Kamchatka are carried out all year round. Surrendering to your favorite pastime, you will be able to fully enjoy nature, enjoy healthy fresh air while getting fun.

Living in comfortable rooms with all amenities, you will have the opportunity to fish in the most lured places of Kamchatka.

Kamchatka fishing: top pleasure

Fishing in Kamchatka is an event that will be appreciated by lovers of large fish catches and colorful landscapes. If you want to have a rest in body and soul combining it with an amazing fishing, then come to the Kamchatka peninsula. Our rivers and lakes are so full of rare fish: keta, coho salmon, chinook salmon, char, sockeye salmon, etc. So you would be excited!

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Recommended list of things

  1. Backpack is small in size.
  2. Comfortable clothes for fishing.
  3. Light clothing and footwear for recreation at the base.
  4. Sunglasses.
  5. Toiletries.
  6. Easy water jar.
  7. A small knife.
  8. Powerful binoculars.
  9. Means from insects.
  10. Camera, video camera.
  11. Medicines for specific diseases


  1. Meeting and seeing off guests at the airport.
  2. Transfer of tourists to the hotel and airport.
  3. Official registration of the call.
  4. Services of the personnel of the hunting base.
  5. Accommodation in the camp.
  6. Use of SUVs and ATVs.
  7. Satellite TV, telephone, internet.
  8. 3 meals a day.
  9. A set of alcoholic drinks in the hunting camp.
  10. Rental of fishing gear.


  1. Round trip air-tickets to Kamchatka.
  2. Accommodation in city hotels before and after the hunt.
  3. Helicopter services for transportation to and from the camp
  4. Additional booking of Mi-2 helicopter (for excursion flying around).
  5. Any self-relied trips, city tours.
  6. Shipping of trophies by cargo flight to Moscow

Features of fishing in Kamchatka

Our company LLC «Kamchatka Bear» has been organizing fishing tours to Kamchatka for many years. Our clients get the opportunity to raft on the fast Kamchatka rivers, to fish in quiet lakes, just to relax in the bosom of untouched nature. Choosing this option, you will certainly be satisfied with the result and want to come back here again.

Hunting and fishing in Kamchatka is a bright impressions for life.