Spring hunt



Bear hunt per one hunter 6.000 $ 
First bear trophy 2.000 $
Second and following trophies Per request
Cost for 1 accompanying person (not a hunter)   3.000 $


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Tour duration

From 8 to 12 days in hunting grounds

Spring Bear Hunt lasts since April 25th till May 25th and regular hunting trip takes 8-12 days in hunting 

Our company limit is 10-12 trophy licenses per season. Usually we carry two spring tours, first one is conducted on April 25th — May 6th; the second one from May 8th till May 20th.
Number of hunters per each tour – from 2 to 6 people

How we deliver you to the camp?

One of our local rep’ persons meet our guests upon landing at the airport in Elizovo (PKC IATA code), and after finishing all procedures they leave by helicopter to the camp. Flight takes 1 hour approx.

In case the weather conditions not allow flying, then our customers are accommodated in the hotel until weather change. In that case they could spend some time sightseeing, purchasing souvenirs (which are btw a few times cheaper when back in US) and for sure enjoying our great Kamchatka kitchen. Also they can visit our famous thermal springs to get travel dirt of their shoulders.

At the camp, the hunters get safety instructions, explanations about the way of hunting, get acquainted with local huntsmen. That’s all combined with preparations of the equipment, test shooting, etc.

During the hunt, one our guide accompanies two hunters. Hunting is being performed with reliable off-road vehicles. During fall season Kamchatka bears are dispersed along the rivers costs or near the berry tundra bushes.

In case of long-drawn pursue there is an option to spend a night in tents specially placed on the borders of the ranch to prevent night return. The huts got stove heating, so are warm and cozy.



Arrived into Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for bear hunting in spring, the hunters are met at the airport of Elizovo town. Then, according to weather conditions (flying or non-flying weather) we have the following action plan:
Non-flying forecast – the guests are accommodated in a hotel until weather gets better.
By guests’ will, it is possible to organize driving to thermal hot springs, city tour with visiting hunter’s and souvenir stores for additional fee.



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Recommended items list

  1. Small backpack
  2. Warm underwear
  3. Warm socks – several pairs.
  4. Warm sweater
  5. Warm wind and waterproof outerwear (Gore-Tex better) – coveralls preferable
  6. Warm hunting hat with ear flaps and a mask to protect your face from wind and frost
  7. Warm gloves or mittens – 2 pairs
  8. High boots: warm, waterproof, comfortable.
  9. Light footwear and clothes for having rest in the camp.
  10. High rubber boots
  11. Sun glasses (like downhill skier’s sun glasses)
  12. Sun screen cream and lip balm
  13. Toilet articles
  14. Medications necessary for some specific diseases or climate change
  15. Light plastic flask for water
  16. Soft rifle cover (if a hunter brings his own rifle)
  17. Knife, knife sharpener,
  18. Binoculars
  19. Camera, video camera, flashlight and extra batteries


  1. Transfer from the airport Elizovo PKC to the camp.
  2. Official paperwork (visa invitation, etc).
  3. Hunting licenses.
  4. Accommodation in our guest house, FB (full board) meal plus drinks
  5. A guide and an interpreter
  6. Firearms rental (rifles, shotguns).
  7. Vehicles and equipment necessary for hunting.
  8. An entertaining complex with TV, etc (see above)
  9. Electricity in the evening hours
  10. A standard veterinary certificate for trophy transportation.
  11. Professional primary field processing and packing of the trophies.
  12. Fishing after hunting; all necessary fishing tackles.
  13. Tents, sleeping bags, mats, rubber boots.
  14. Hunting duck, partridge, hare after getting a main trophy.


  1. Customs clearance of personal guns upon arrival/departure from Russia.
  2. Round trip air-tickets to Kamchatka.
  3. Accommodation in city hotels before and after the hunt.
  4. Helicopter services for transportation to and from the camp
  5. Mi-8 (4 hours), Mi-2 (6 hours).
  6. Additional booking of Mi-2 helicopter (for excursion flying around).
  7. CITES export permit (by hunter’s request)
  8. Any self-relied trips, city tours.
  9. Shipping of trophies by cargo flight to Moscow.

Spring Bear Hunt Conditions And Rules

Please note that the trip starts early morning and end when it gets dark. According to safety regulations, hunters usually go in different directions in two groups of two-three snowmobiles with sleds attached in each. Hunting and shooting beasts from a snowmobile is prohibited in Kamchatka.

This season bears can be seen very well on snow at rather long distances. A bear can become a trophy when he is older than three years and weighing 150 kg and more.

It is prohibited to shoot any bears younger than three years old and females with cubs of any age. When a bear detected and its trophy qualities valuated, a hunter make a shot at his guide’s approval. A guide always secures his hunter with his rifle and shoots off a wounded animal if needed.

NB Shooting an animal without guide confirmation is strictly forbidden.

After shot made the hunter can take some pictures of his trophy, after that his guide do basic processing of the trophy (skinning according to international standards or the hunters desire, cutting the trophy head off, taking measurements and samples from a carcass for some necessary testing).

The trophies are transported to the camp on the sleds for final processing and packing for safe and comfort transportation. On the base the skin is defatted, flesh lumps are removed from it, and skin is salted several times and dries a bit. A skull is boiled down, cleared from meat and dried. The hunter takes the salted skin and the dried bear skull according to the contract. The trophies are packed into rubberized airproof bags.

During hunting there is always time for a stop for having hot tea with some meals (sandwiches and other stuff)

During spring bear hunting it is allowed to hunt fowl rock capercaillie on a mating place. Usually they fowl this bird after a kill or at the same time with bear hunting. Hunting and fowling other species of animals and birds at this time is not allowed in Kamchatka Krai.


When the hunt is finished our guests can go fishing to Golyginskoye Lake located in 1000 yards from the camp and covered with 6 feet of ice and snow. At this time it is possible to go ice fishing “Molokan” – a fresh water form of Coho, which permanently inhabits the lake. From the experience of previous fishing I can say that even those people who are not anglers at all can catch some of it.

Fishing process is very simple: put some red caviar bait into the hole and 15 minutes later fish start biting. Molokan’s meat is slightly pink and very tender. Unlike other species of salmon one can eat this very fish raw immediately after it was caught, having added some soy sauce and onions enhancing its taste. Fish size varies from 5,91 in to 19,69 in. All fishing tackles are available on the base. But if a hunter is an ice fishing fan he can bring along any equipment he used to fish with it.

NB Hunting is conducted within 10 days on the hunting ground. It is not recommended to shorten time of it if you want to have your hunt a success. But if all the hunters get their kill very quickly, which happens rather often, early departure into Petropavlovsk is possible if they wish.

If 1 or 2 hunters want to fly ahead of schedule when the rest of the group do not finish – those ones who fly pay additional fee for helicopter.

After arrival back to to Petropavlovsk, the hunters are accommodated in a hotel.
Usually guests want to visit a local fish market and buy some Kamchatka delicacies like fish, caviar, crabs and other seafood. Veterinary certificates, which make it possible to export the trophies from the peninsula, are made within 2 days.

In case when the guests do not want to carry their trophies themselves, we can offer our assistance in shipping it by cargo flight at the expense of hunters.