"Kamchatsky Bear" Ltd


High level of conditions of hunting for bear in Kamchatka is not a myth, it’s a reality…

Come, see for yourself, at the same time and hunt!

Our company, Kamchatsky Medved Ltd or Kamchatka Bear Ltd, has been located and operated on Kamchatka Peninsula, in the far east of Russia since 1996.
The general director of the company is Sergei Pavlovsky who was born in 1959. He is a biologist, an expert in game keeping. He finished Irkutsk agricultural college in 1987. Kamchatka hunting is his profile.

He had worked as a professional hunter for Bolsheretsky State Enterprise located in the west coast of Kamchatka from 1987 to 1996. He knows where to hunt succsesfully. In 1996 he founded an independent hunting and travel company called Kamchatka Bear Ltd which has been successfully headed by him until the present time.

We organize spring and fall brown bear Kumchatka hunting tours, rock capercaillie hunting, snow sheep hunting; fur-bearing animal winter hunting, and also extreme safari on the territory of our area including watching bears and fishing salmon.
Our company has got a long-term license XX № 1735 for using fauna objects which expires on
30 July 2025.

A team of professional guides works with hunters who intimately familiar with our company’s hunting ground, animals’ habits which live there and peculiarities of each special hunt. Besides hunting, in summer time our company organizes fishing tours and bear, bird, fish and other animals and plants watching eco-tours in wild nature and also just recreation in nature pure place with maximum possible comfort in the forests on the territory of Verkhnegolyginsky hunting ground № 22 located in Ust-Bolsheretsky region. 

Our company secures hunting grounds – Verkhnegolyginsky hunting ground № 22 – 100,000 hectares in total, located on the south of the Kamchatka Peninsula, in 180 km from the administrative center of Kamchatka Krai, within 25 years until 2025.
Our territory borders the South Kamchatka state Sanctuary where any hunting is prohibited so that together with protective measures it helps keeping population of brown bear on the high level.

Our camps

The central camp is located on the shore of Lake Golyginsky – a rich spawning salmon (sockeye salmon, coho salmon, char, molokan). The camp consists of several buildings.



The first is a cottage for guests (4 rooms, for 1-2 people each), central heating, 4 shower cabins, cold, hot water, 2 toilets, large common hall.
The second building in the past was the only one. The building is a residential complex – a four-bedded room for guests, a kitchen, a dining room, a sauna, a warm toilet, utility rooms. Currently, this complex serves as a room for staff, but if necessary, guests can also be accommodated.
Entertainment complex (total area – 320 square meters), which includes a fireplace room with a large round hearth fireplace in the center and 12 soft seating around, bar, billiards, dining room, 1 toilet, 2 rooms for 3 people each 2 floor), kitchen, large veranda, utility rooms.

The second camp is in the area of ​​hot springs on the mountain river Unkanovich, 20 km to the southwest from the Central Camp. The camp consists of two buildings: the first one is intended for camp accommodation, food storage, cooking. There is also a dining room in it. Guests are accommodated in a hunting lodge for 3 people 100 meters from the first building. A few meters from the house there is a small indoor pool with natural hot water. Stove heating. Electricity in the camp staff building, two toilets on the street.

The third camp is located on the shore of the spawning Golygin River, which flows into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The camp consists of two buildings. The first is a house for hunters and huntsmen living in different rooms. Second, the kitchen is the dining room. Toilet is outside. In the river in the summer-autumn period there is spawning salmon of various species, depending on the time. June, August – sockeye salmon; August – pink salmon; August, October – chum; September – November – Coho salmon. Golets and mikizha in the river almost all year round.


location Ust-Bolsheretsky district, Kamchatka region, Russia

phone +7 961-963-85-70

mail bigkambear@yandex.ru