"Kamchatsky Bear" Ltd

High level of conditions of hunting for bear in Kamchatka is not a myth, it’s a reality...

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About company

Note for hunters!

Dear hunters and nature adepts, we are to offer the combination of hunting a classy Kamchatka Bear trophy with luxury accommodation and service level so you wouldn’t be short of comfort level you’ve used to live in.

Our ranch is located Real far from civilization so the only way to get down there is by a copter. You will find the picturesque Golyginskoye lake on the 270 meters over the sea so fine. After a “hard day`s night” you can spend some free time fishing or easily enjoying the lake shore.

What we can offer is an accommodation of 2 to 6 persons per each trip as follows:

Guest house:

  • 4 rooms for single/double accommodation with central water heating system
  • 4 showers with hot/cold water
  • 2 restrooms
  • A cozy hall where you can take some time relaxing in quiet or having a private party with friends

Entertaining complex, 4500 sq. feet

  • Large hall including an impressive fireplace, an American poule table, a bar with 50chn TV-set and – last but not least – some sweet 12 armchairs at your disposal
  • Additional two guest rooms on the first floor
  • Internet/phone access available
  • Etc: two restrooms, a kitchen…

NB Staff lives in other building – not to disturb you!


Rifle rentals

If you’d like to travel easier,  avoiding any “surprises” during flights we can offer you a number of good quality rifles of different cal’s


Helicopter rentals

In case you Do prefer Safari style of hunting we can offer you additionally two options

  • Famous big MI-8 or Hip by NATO classification for 4 hours of 3.300 USD per 1 hour
  • MI-2 or Hoplite by NATO classification for 6 hours of 1.500 USD per 1 hour