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High level of conditions of hunting for bear in Kamchatka is not a myth, it’s a reality...

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About company

Note for hunters!

Dear hunters, now you have obtained a unique opportunity to get a super-trophy of Kamchatkan Bear without abnegating for yourselves city comfort you get used to, far from civilization where you can only get by helicopter. Are you interested in bear hunting? We can help you to enjoy Kamchatka bear hunting.

Our hunting camp is situated on the shore of the picturesque Golyginskoye lake which exactly is the place combining these two factors.
A separate wooden guest 4 room house is offered for you. Accommodation is single and double. No stoves in rooms – central water heating, 4 showers, 2 toilets, a big common hall are available.
In addition, country styled entertaining complex of 320 sq meters, including a common hall with a big fireplace-hearth inside, 12 soft armchairs around it, a kitchen, a dining-room, a bar, a pool table, two rooms on the first floor, a toilet, a TV-set (50 channels), phone, internet are at your disposal.
The staff lives in a separate house.
We are always ready to accommodate from 2 to 6 hunters in 1 tour.

Trophy hunting is great! Bears  enough for everyone … Enjoy hunting tourism.

Rent of hunting weapons

Recently, many hunters are unhappy with the big problems with the transportation of weapons to the hunting place. Therefore, more and more of them want to receive weapons on the place and not have problems with its transportation, as it is done in the entire civilized world. By meeting such requests of hunters – our company can provide weapons for rent, both rifled and smooth-bore, of various systems and calibres of domestic and imported production, well-established in local conditions.


Helicopter rental

  • Mi-8
  • Mi-2

Mi-8 (4 hours), Mi-2 (6 hours) helicopter services – noti ncluded into the tour cost

  • 1 Mi-8 flight hour – 3.300 $
  • 1 Mi-2 flight hour – 1.500 $